Spray-On Polyurethane Foam

Our spray-on-polyurethane foam system (SPF) forms a seamless, insulated system. With no seams, fasteners, or joints, the system doesn't allow moisture to seep in. Our spray-applied foam system has the highest R-Value commercially available at 7.14 per inch, which reduces condensation and also eliminates any air filtration. Our SPF system, in time, actually pays for itself through lower maintenance, utility and fuel costs. Having a tenacious bond, SPF adheres to a wide range of applications

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Residential Insulation Testimonial


About three years ago you applied urethane foam insulation in my home in Oak Creek during my major renovations.  Bob (from B-Trimmed, LLC) was my contractor.  

At the time you completed your work, I mentioned to you that I would be happy to share information about my energy savings as a result of my 1965-built home having this insulation replace what had been put in when the home was built.  Tonight I ran the WE Energies "Analyze my Residential Bills" program and received the results below.  I thought of you when the fantastic results displayed.

Essentially, for the one month period from 10/27/2010 to 11/28/2010, my home (after entering my home's profile into their system) used only $147 in energy while homes with a similar profile as mine AVERAGED $237 for the same period.  I'd say that's some significant savings.

In addition to the energy savings, I can attest to the fact that my home went from being drafty and cold in the winter (even though the thermostat was set in the mid-70's) to being consistently warm and comfortable with the thermostat set in the mid to high 60's.  Now that I'm able to keep the thermostat set much lower, the humidity level in my home stays at a more comfortable level throughout winter months, which also makes the house feel warmer.  

Prior to the new insulation, I couldn't get my air conditioning unit to cool my rooms (those with vaulted ceilings) to a comfortable level in the summer.  As part of my renovations. I added vaulted ceilings to both the kitchen and master bath so I now have four rooms with vaulted ceilings.  Now, that same air conditioning unit is able to keep the entire house at comfortable temperature all summer, regardless of the outside temperature.  I have to attribute that to the insulation.

I have saved copies of my energy bills and would be happy to share any information from them that might provide you with a solid, factual-based customer testimonial of the tremendous energy savings resulting from urethane foam insulation.  Feel free to contact me if there is any information you are interested in.  Also, I would be more than happy to be a reference - my contact information is below.  Please let me know if you give this information to a prospective customer so I will be expecting their call.  You may also feel free to share this email with prospective customers - as a written testimonial - a very satisfactory one.

Thanks for a great job and a great product.  I've been extremely happy with the results!

Laurie T
Oak Creek, WI  53154

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