Re-cover, don’t re-roof.

If your roof is leaking, rusting or tearing, instead of wasting the time and money to have it replaced, we have a much more economical choice. Spray-on coating by Frantl Industries is the ultimate roof solution. It eliminates waste-generating tear-offs by recycling your roof with Gacoflex coatings. It helps protect your roof—and your building!—from the elements. It helps keep your heat and A/C bills down, too!

Spray-On Fast-Set Urethane Coating System

We provide a seamless and waterproof elastometric spray-on system. It adheres to most roof and wall substrates. Unique properties of this coating are its rapid cure time and its insensitivity to moisture. The system is formulated to perform under stress, year after year, while retaining their beauty and effectiveness. Our fluid-applied coatings system is applied directly to exterior metal decks. They provide an outstanding protection for commercial or industrial structures.

  • » Tough
  • » Long Lasting
  • » Metal Decks
  • » Metal Buildings
  • » Approved by the "Cool Roof Rating Council"

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  • » G.E. Medical – Pewaukee, WI
  • » Abbots Labs – North Chicago, IL
  • » Naval Training Center – Great Lakes, IL
  • » Anheuser-Bush – Moorhead, MN
  • » Monona Community Center – Monona, WI
  • » Bieck Management, Inc. – Glendale, WI
  • » Lakeside – Milwaukee, WI